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our coffees
our coffees

We do not sell blends but only single-origin coffees. Beside our roasted beans, every day we host one or more specialty single-origin beans roasted by international or Italian brands. The choices are driven by the will to propose, from time to time, new tasting experiences away from the more classic and traditional balanced flavour.

In order to obtain the best aromatic cup yield, we have created two different roasting profiles:


Classic” are roasted to counterbalance the cherries acidity by enhancing more balanced tasting notes. In the cup prevails a classical flavour, turning gently towards hints of cocoa, liquorice and nuts. Perfect to be drunk as espresso.


Bright” are roasted with the aim of highlighting the deep cherry notes, by interfering as less as possible with the original aroma. A crisp and round acidity would prevail in the cup, along with a resonant sweetness. The result is a coffee with a very complex profile and a long-lasting, persistent finish. Perfect to be extracted as filter (Aeropress/V60) and as espresso.

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