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nano challa




Nano Challa is a well-known coffee lot, whose name refers to a local mythic tale about the challenges to face in order to become king of Jimma, the region of origin.

The producer is a cooperative of smallholders named “Nano Challa Cooperative“, born in the mid-2000 thanks to the support of an NGO. They adopted this name to underline their desire to be a strong and bond cooperative, aiming at increasing sustainability and quality in the production.

Nowadays it counts about 350 farmers. Coffee plants are surrounded by a wide vegetation, with large tracts of pristine forests shade tall, spindly wild coffee trees.
When it’s time to dry the coffee, rather than just sticking it out in the sun (fast and easy), the farmers take the time to slowly dry the beans in the shade. This is a gentler way of treating the coffee that strengthens and heightens the flavours.

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