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Faro–Specialty Coffee is a Roman-based company, born with the aim of spreading the message about the complex and fascinating specialty coffee supply chain. Through the storytelling of the coffee beans and its agriculture the vision is to rediscover the complexity of the entire world.

We started off with our flagship coffee store (which is also a restaurant-bistrot), located in the area of Piazza Fiume (Porta Pia – walking distance to Termini station). In 2019, we started the biggest challenge: roasting our own beans.

Since the very beginning, Faro–Specialty Coffee was designed as a place for sharing ideas, passion and know-how, as our main mission. This implies the source of the best beans as well as raw materials, but also a focus on creating the best experience for any client thanks to the music selection, a welcoming team, the love and strive for a first-class customer service.

Our history is rooted in over 10 years’ working experience, achieved both in Italy and abroad, in the field of specialty coffee, hospitality, communication and management for the food & beverage sector.

We do not sell blends but only single-origin coffees in order to trace and highlight farmer’s work and the flavours of each terroir. Coffee is a fascinating plant, rich in significance. In a world that reduce it to a mere trade commodity, we would instead enhance it from both the agricultural side and sensory experience.

The term “specialty” refers to a specific agricultural set of requirements assigned to the product in the farm. Yet this is not the work of only one person in the lifecycle of a coffee bean, but “specialty” can only occur when all of those involved in the coffee value chain work maintaining a keen focus on standards and excellence from start to finish.

Grown at selected altitudes and climates, the coffee cherries are only hand-picked with a careful selection of those at their peak of ripeness and free of defects. Furthermore, working with specialty coffee means to adopt more natural and sustainable farm practices, by reducing, for instance, the use of chemical fertilizers.

All our coffees are entirely traceable, originated from the latest harvest and ethically sustainable throughout the supply chain. Traceability, along with the certifications, has a huge positive impact on the producing communities. Traceability can be a guarantee of the work-force equal treatment and livelihood; it also encourages the environmental safeguard as integral part of the trade.
As a result, without traceability is impossible to carry on any environmental-economic-social sustainability.

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