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Dario Farorome


Creator, Co-Founder and Professional Barman

Professional barman with international experiences in the best European specialty cafés, including The Barn and AllPress Espresso. In 2016 he was a finalist in the 10th Italian Cup Tasting championship of the Scae circuit, collaborated in the start-up of Roscioli Caffè Roma and lead the team to the temporary coffee store during the Rome Film Festival.

Arturo Farorome


Co-Founder and Professional Barman

Professional barman with years of experience behind the best counters in the capital. From the management of the Dean Bar (Prati) to the Antico Caffè Greco (via Condotti), passing through the Brewdog (Colosseum).

Dafne Farorome


Co-Fondatrice and Marketing Manager

Expert in communication, marketing and meeting management, she has worked between Rome, Milan and London, specializing in the organization of conferences and marketing strategies on sustainability for food & beverage.

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